Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Throne of the Four Winds -- Conclave of Wind

The Conclave of Wind consists of the Djinn Anshal, Rohash and Nezir.  The three of them will need to be bought down together, within a minute or they will regenerate. When you arrive through the portal you will be on a large platform.  Anshal will be directly ahead of you and Rohash will be to your right.  You travel between the platforms on bridges that are made of wind.  When the Djinn cast their Special Abilities, the bridges disappear and you must remain on the platform.


Depending on the strength of your DPS, you may be assigned to Rohash with a healer and possibly one other DPS.  Rohash does not require a tank.  If this happens, your job will be to DPS the heck out of Rohash, trying to keep his damage close to the other two.  Rohash will cast tornadoes and a nasty wind blast.  The wind blast will always be cast directly in front of him, so take care to stay to his side or behind him, while remaining within reach of your healer.


If you are not assigned to Rohash, you will head over to Anshal with the majority of the raid.  Begin by DPSing him.  Do not cast Time Warp, you will be saving it for the final push to make sure that the Djinn all die together.

Anshal will summon adds called Ravenous Creepers.  When these guys show up, AOE them down (Blizzard is great for this).  Periodically Anshal will cast Soothing Winds, which looks like a big rotating runic green circle on the floor.  Stay out of it!  It will silence you.

Shortly after the Ravenous Creepers are dispatched (and they must be killed quickly!), "Special Abilities" will be coming up.  Before this begins, run across the wind bridge to Nezir's platform.


While Special Abilities is active, you will be attacking Nezir.  Be careful to avoid the ice patches, because they hurt.  When the wind bridges come back (about 10 seconds), get back across to Anshal's platform and begin attacking him again.

This cycle will repeat until all three Djinn die within one minute of each other.  This is not an especially difficult fight, but you will need to be aware of what you are standing in and the Special Abilities timer.

Conclave of Wind Loot

Planetary Band (ring)
Soul Breath Belt (waist) -- yellow socket

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