Monday, June 6, 2011

Bastion of Twilight -- Valiona & Theralion

This fight is all about staying out of the crud on the floor and placement.  Don't expect to pull high DPS numbers here -- you will moving around quite a bit.  You'll start off by facing Valiona...


As you head up to attack Valiona, she will be getting ready to cast Blackout.  Blackout will target one player and do a huge amount of damage that is guaranteed to one-shot.  However, the damage can be mitigated by stacking up.  This shares the damage between all the players.  Trust me, mages are squishy and taste good with ketchup.  You do not want to bear the brunt of Blackout by yourself.

After Blackout, spread out a bit.  You want to try to keep about 8 yards apart.  Valiona's next big attack is Devouring Flames.  If you are caught in front of her when this goes off, you will be one crispy critter.  Watch carefully to see where she faces and get the heck out of the way.  Blink works well for this.

You may be asked to pop Time Warp when you start the fight, but defer to your raid leader for this.

After a couple Blackouts and Devouring Flames, Theralion will enter the fight...


Theralion will open with Dazzling Destruction.  This makes big purple swirlies around everyone.  For this reason, you should be up by Valiona and not down on the floor, or you will have purple mess all over the floor.  Blink to get out of Dazzling Destruction.  If you stay too long, you will be transported to the Twilight Realm.  Try like heck to keep this from happening, but if it does find a portal ASAP.  Big portal-looking thing, your cursor will turn into a gear on it.  Get through there quickly or you are toast.

Theralion's next two big attacks are Engulfing Magic and Fabulous Flames.  (Have we noticed something about Theralion?)  This is where things get tricky.  We do the Fabulous Flames Dance.  This begins by starting practically in the doorway, all the ranged stacked up together.  Engulfing Magic will be cast on different raid members.  If it lands on you, get away from everyone else to prevent doing damage to the raid.  This would not be as big an emergency as if you were a DoT or HoT class, but you still want to get out.

Theralion will then cast Fabulous Flames on someone.  This will create a big black spot on the floor.  Get out of the spot FAST.  It hurts.  Use Blink if it's not on cooldown, or strafe out (your Q and E movement keys).  One important note.  Don't try to jump out of the circle.  The game does not recognize your jump until you land, so that time in the air?  No good.  Restack as soon as you are out, right on the edge of the circle.  By doing this, you will keep the black circles tight, so you don't have a big mess all over the floor.

After several rounds of this, Valiona will swoop back in with a Deep Breath -- which will knock you into the Twilight Realm and searching for a portal if you get caught in them! and she will begin her round again.

A quick note -- if you are a frost mage, make sure to keep your elemental attacking the right dragon.

Valiona & Theralion's Mage Loot

Blade of the Witching Hour -- Dagger
Theralion's Mirror -- Trinket
Valiona's Medallion -- Neck

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