Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bastion of Twilight -- Halfus Wyrmbreaker

When fighting Halfus, your raid will be attacking three drakes under his control.  The drakes you will fight change weekly, so, if possible, check ahead of time so that you know what to expect.  Your primary responsibility will just be DPS and staying out of the way.

Your raid leader will announce the order of the drakes and, hopefully, mark them.  Make sure you know which drake you are targeting and when.

If you pull the Time Drake, it will be shooting fireballs at your raid.  You can try to avoid them, but it's challenging.  A ring of red smoke will appear around you on the floor right before you get hit, so try to get out of the way.

This fight can be pretty intense for your healers as your tanks will be very busy.  Don't make the job more difficult for them than it has to be.  Keep an eye on your health bar and be prepared to do some self-heals, taking advantage of things like:

  • potions
  • any healing spells you may have (i.e. Gift of the Naaru, Lifeblood)
  • lightwells
  • healthstones
If your healers put down HoT circles on the floor, try to stand in them.  

Check with your raid leader if they want you to pop Time Warp and when they want you to do it.  

Halfus Wyrmbreaker Loot for Mages

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