Sunday, July 10, 2011

BWD: Omnotron Defense System

In this battle, you will be dealing with four different mechanical contraptions, each of which has totally different abilities.  If you are running DBM, you will get announcements of which robot you should be fighting.  Make sure you are always fighting the correct one!  If you are a frost mage, keep an eye on your elemental and make sure it always has the right target as well.

Let's take a look at each one's abilities:


If you get hit with Electron's Lightning Conductor attack, get away from everyone else or you will cause damage to them.  If he puts up an Unstable Shield, stop casting until it is done.  Hitting him while this is up will cause him to do a painful AOE.  Try to stay spread out as much as possible when Electron is up.  The whole Omnotron fight is pretty chaotic, so this shouldn't be too difficult.


The biggest effect to worry about with this guy is Acquiring Target.  If you get targeted by this, get away from everyone else.  Hopefully it's being announced in raid who is being hit by this so that the healers can get right on it.  When you are getting out of the way, be careful that nobody else is between you and Magmatron.  When he puts out a barrier, don't attack it.


Toxitron puts out Poison Clouds.  As you may imagine, you want to stay out of these.   When he casts Poison Protocol, he summons slimes that need to be burned down ASAP.  This will be your job. If one of the slimes targets you, however, get away.  Do NOT let that thing touch you!


This guy drops a puddle on the ground... and this one you actually stand in! (I know, right?)  It gives a 50 percent increased damage buff to ranged.  He also has an ability called Power Conversion.  You can Spellsteal this!

The fight starts off with just one bot up, but then another will join in the fray and from that point on there will be two bots up at any given time.  You can only attack one of them, but they will both be using their special abilities.  This means if Toxitron and Magmatron are both up, you might be attacking Toxitron and his adds, but at the same time dodging the Acquiring Target.  The fight isn't too bad as long as you are paying close attention to your DBM and your raid leader.


Power Generator Hood

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