Friday, May 27, 2011


Welcome to Through the Mage's Eyes!  This blog will look at World of Warcraft raids from the perspective of the mage.  So many raid descriptions focus on the tank or the healer, with everyone else grouped into "DPS."  But the job of a shaman is different from the job of a death knight, and the job of a hunter is different from that of a boomkin.  Every class has its own unique abilities and will be called upon to perform a very specific jobs (Quick, freeze that Valkyr before she dumps your healer over the edge!) 

Mages bring a lot to the fight (and I'm not just talking about food tables).  Depending on what's happening, we may be polymorphing, slowing, freezing, aoeing... and sometimes just staying out of the fire and pew-pewing our little hearts out.  It can be hard to tell from watching a fight video a) where the heck the mage is in that mess and b) what precisely they are doing. 

We will go through raid fights and tell you where you should be, what you should be doing and what you need to watch out for.  We will look at the mage loot that you should be watching for in the fights, and include some tips on gemming and enchanting it.  We won't stray into the field of theory-crafting -- we'll leave that to elitest jerks

Hopefully you will find us helpful, and please drop us a line or leave us comments and questions! 

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